The Uberization of…Real Estate?

Its an oft discussed topic in technology circles, the “uberization of everything”. Uber, being the fast growth, controversial ride sharing company which has revolutionized the taxi industry in numerous markets, has spawned a business model which many entrepreneurs are trying to replicate for their widget.

While there is not yet an Uber for Homes (what might that look like?), Uber itself will have far ranging implications on driver and human behavior.

Uber currently utilizes human drivers with slack time to service customers who need a ride from point A to B. The human driver component, however, will soon in the future be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. This “AI” software is no longer leading edge and is already being incorporated into many street legal vehicles in varying capacities today.

Once the AI approach is integrated, it will vastly change how our hundred year old transit flows. Customers will be able to schedule what times of the day to get picked up, and dropped off, all while evaluating others schedules of the same to avoid traffic hang ups. Parking lots will be drained with slack being utilized (no longer will cars sit idle for 8 hours during a work day) and massive tracts of land will become available.

Much of North America has been developed around the vehicle – how will no longer having a car sitting in your driveway or garage change your lifestyle? It will be a period of disruption, change and opportunity when we transition from the vehicle dominate commute so many of us encounter each day. I look forward to that day.

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