Pushing the envelope: the variety and use of building rating systems

Over the past couple decades a multitude of “rating systems” were created to drive various construction qualities. These range from quality (ISO in many instances), sustainability (Built Green BC, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), operations (Natural Step) and health and wellness (WELL).

Each of them have projects accredited – being that they were built within the guidelines – and each receive various levels of market uptake depending upon where in the real estate cycle each is. The stronger the market, the higher the adoption of differentiation and improvements as those found within these rating systems.

Below is are a couple new rating systems we are currently investigating. We start by identifying which is most applicable for any current and future project, as well as involve each of our users (be them tenant’s team members or homeowners) to review and choose the most ideal qualities to focus our improvements on.

The qualities of a happy, healthy workplace are documented and promoted very well in this  UK example. This concept is illustrative of the real estate trends we see being developed for software and technology companies in Silicon Valley California. The wellness focus is being well developed through a new building guideline called WELL. Developed by Delos, a leading American Developer, WELL focuses highly on the human component of built environment and improving the health and wellbeing of all inhabitants. We expect this focus will see significant growth in coming years.

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