Catalyst Defined

Catalyst creates human environments – from living spaces, to dynamic working locations, to recreational building; we improve upon historical industry techniques, driving real estate forward at the functional level through improved environmental, wellness, cultural, and financial considerations. Catalyst’s developments are a step ahead with these important qualities.

Experienced & Professional

Our team at Catalyst offers various services including exclusive design-develop relationships with commercial and retail tenants, development management services, and the development of our own projects. Land, lease, rental, and sale properties are all within our scope of development and experience.

Built to Grow

We are continuing our growth strategy, making a positive difference by developing real estate through innovative practices and products, with a focus on improving all living environments.

The Catalyst Story

Catalyst Land Development started with the 2014 development of McKay Professional – a boutique mixed use building in Kelowna, BC. Our history in the industry started with founding and operating the Okanagan’s first sustainable general contractor, Green Solutions (LEED, Built Green and Natural Step accredited), in 2006, and managing a number of progressive development projects including Southwind at Sarsons and McKinley Beach.

We are a small team looking to improve the world by revolutionizing how we build environments. Land and real estate development are traditional industries which follow dated techniques and models. We don’t do things the traditional way. Because of this our work is more fun and creative; in some respects, also more challenging. We ask the questions that others don’t, and that’s how we’ve forged our niche in the industry.

Evolving from our inception as a sustainable general contractor, today we are an multi-market land development company with the purpose of innovating to enhance the way people enjoy their living spaces. Catalyst is committed to ongoing investment into research and product development, working with engineers, technologists, and research facilities in our community and around the world. We are also deeply committed to the environment and giving back to the community both locally and internationally through various initiatives on each project.


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